All prices include instructor costs, student manuals, and lab gear. Instructor can provide a projector if necessary.

On-site Courses / Training

We come to you to actively train and educate your staff at your place of business or at a location of the client’s choosing. Please call for international pricing outside of Canada or the European Union

Cost/Seat Minimum Location Additional Charges
$900.00USD* 6 Seats Client selected $750.00USD for classes
500+ miles** from Philadelphia

$1,000.00USD for classes
in Canada

$2,000.00USD for classes
in European Union

*$750.00USD per seat for the 12th seat and up. **Only for classes within the continental United States.

Online Courses

On-line classes are interactive, students may ask instructor questions in real-time and interact within a chatroom or via webcam & mic.

Cost/Seat Minimum Requirements Labs & Coursework
$500.00USD 8 Seats High-speed
Internet Connection
May be limited
for online offering

In-Town Courses / Training

If you’re in the Harrisburg or Philadelphia area, or you’re planning to be, we can train you and your staff at a hosted hotel event.

Cost/Seat Minimum Location Pricing Includes*
$1200.00USD 6 Seats Hotel / Banquet Room Hotel
Breakfast & Lunch

*Our pricing does not include transportation costs, the customer is responsible for all transportation costs.