Course Description

Class runs 8:30am to 4:30pm (flexible). Includes PowerPoint driven lecture and hands-on labs. Course includes a full-page color manual and all lab equipment.

Course Length: 4-5 days (customizable)

Location: On-site, Online, In-Town (Harrisburg / Philadelphia)

Overview of Classroom Lecture & Labs

Classroom topics include:

  • IPv4 addressing & subnetting
  • State of IPv6 – Why aren’t we there yet?
  • IPv6 RFCs – IETF and how to participate
  • IPv6 address formatting
  • IPv6 header structure
  • IPv6 Addressing (Types, Prefix, Global routing, Global unicast, Anycast addresses, Multicast addresses, Special exception addresses, Default addresses
  • Security with IPv6 (IPsec)
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
    • Applications in modern communications
    • QoS applied by LTE carriers in IMS networks, Using QoS
  • Routing Protocols
    • Routing tables
    • OSPF3 – OSPF for IPv6
    • RIPng
    • RIPng
    • Routing protocols for IPv6
  • Using basic services over IPv6 (UDP/TCP, SCTP, DHCP, SLP, FTP, Telnet, Apache
  • IPv6 and the DNS
    • DNS and the ‘root 13’
    • Resource records
    • Zones files
    • Setting up a local DNS
  • IPv6 and IPv4 interoperability
    • Dual-stack options
    • Tunneling
    • Integration in an IPv4 world
    • Security concerns
    • Network Address Translation – Protocol Translation (NAT-PT)
    • IPv6 and VoIP

Lab objectives include:

  • Designing an IPv6 network
  • Enabling an IPv4 network for IPv6 addressing
  • Using Wireshark
  • IPv6 and Wireshark
  • Virtualizing IPv6 networks in the lab
  • Students configure a network for IPv6 addressing in the following environments:
    • Linux – Red Hat (CentOS), Ubuntu & Arch
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Apple Mac (OS X)
    • Cisco Routers
    • OpenBSD

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