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What does IRIS7 Do?

We teach you how to make technology work. We’re passionate about instruction, and are always willing to come in early, or stay late, to ensure every student retains the topics covered in class.

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What hardware/software does Iris7 include with their courses?

Instructors will arrive with all the lab material packed into one or two (depending on class size) 22″ x 17″ x 13″ hard plastic cases. Students work by themselves, or in pairs, on slim 15″ i5 Samsung laptops running a Linux or Windows image (depending on the course). Whenever […]

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How much do your courses cost?

Our pricing page include all costs for running a class on-site, on-line, or the costs for you to come to us. When running multiple classes, discounts may be available.

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What do I need to know to get the most out of your courses?

Prerequisites are listed on each course page, if any exist. Before any course is booked, the instructor will review the course outline with the customer to ensure the topics covered are a good match.

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Where are your courses taught?

If you’re a larger group (6+ students), an IRIS7 instructor can come to your on-site location. If you’re an individual (or small group) you can come to us! IRIS7 runs regular classes in the Philadelphia area. Contact us if you’re interested in scheduling a training event.

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Does IRIS7 offer night classes?

Yes! We’ll train at on-site locations, or on-line so it fits best with YOUR schedule. Training times are usually 8:30am til 4:30pm, but we’ll train during any other consecutive 8 hours of the day if it helps aid in learning.